I’m Nikki.

I’m an enthusiastic designer who creates modern, magnetic websites that attract more clients, showcase in-house talent and save precious time through online booking integrated systems.

Aside from that, I’m a quick-witted, business-savvy, pep-talking goal digger who’s literally obsessed with educating business owners on the importance and process of building a strong online presence.

Not one to impart long drawn-out stories onto innocent passersby, I’ll concede and give you the Coles Notes version of how and why the beauty biz is my “major.” Let’s first rewind 22 years (Sh!t. That makes me old, doesn’t it?!) and open the book to page 243.

Chapter 5: “Stylist To The Stars”

My days were spent setting pin curls on mannequin heads and studying the stages of decolorization. I practised shampooing techniques on classmates and waxed a muff or two. I dreamt of being backstage at Paris fashion shows and whisking off to Hollywood movie sets. After a series of misfortunate events, that dream died.

Chapter 6: “Working 9 to 5”

My days were spent pushing paper, sitting in meetings where participants threw around buzzwords like each one was worth money, and basically pretending that I gave two sh!ts about the work I was doing. Conformance Analyst. Project Management. Account Representative. All titles I held that didn’t mean a thing. I wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. “Is that all there is?”

Chapter 7: “Return of the (Creative) Jedi”

When I started working with an amazing salon and spa on a re-brand and new website, it totally solidified that this beautiful beauty industry was exactly where I was meant to be. It’s the best of both worlds - creativity and beauty.

As you can imagine, the next chapter will celebrate my success as a highly-revered, problem-solving creative designer who’s changed the lives (and businesses) of salon owners across the country.

Now casting characters for Chapter 8: “The Website Designer Behind Canada’s Top Hair Salons.”