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Hey, Beautiful Beauty Boss

I believe in the power of a strong brand. I really do. And I see so many amazing new entrepreneurs out there in Instagramland who don’t have a logo or a website!

A short time ago, in a corporate world not far away, I took a big risk and left my cushy, safe job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. It was terrifying and liberating and grey-hair inducing, but! I’m still here. And thriving.

I love being able to help other new entrepreneurs build their dreams - one brand at a time. And if I can be of any help at all, I’m all over it!

Wondering how much this will cost?


Logo Design * Business Card Design * Brochure Design

As the owner of a hair salon, lash bar, cosmetic clinic or spa, your focus is on getting clients through the door, knocking their socks off and booking their next appointments. To start and run a successful business, you need more than just beauty expertise.

You need to connect with the people waiting to discover your brand. So it has to be strong. One that your ideal client feels an immediate connection with and drawn to.

That’s where I come in. Through strategic, creative design, I help you design the brand of your dreams. Logo, website, business cards, marketing material - I create beautiful, consistent pieces that become the foundation of your business.

Basic Design Package


Business Cards

Add-on Package #1: Social Media Kit

Social Media Page Headers

Instagram Highlights Icons

Add-on Package #2: Social Media Kit Plus

Social Media Page Headers

Instagram Highlights Icons

Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram Grid Layout Template

Add-on Package #3: In-house Material

Price/Service Menu


{flexible payment plans available}


My Recent Designs


Your Virtual Front Door

Your potential customers/clients will do their online research before they shop. That’s just a fact. The majority will likely dismiss a business entirely if it doesn’t have an online presence.

Considering that 85% of product and service searches begin online, having an eye-catching, striking website that allows potential clients to find what they’re looking for quickly is precisely what you need to outperform competitors and succeed online.

Website Package #1

Beautifully Simple

Everything you need to get your business online in a simple, immersive, long-scrolling format. From top to bottom, a one-page website that includes an introduction to your brand, an “About” section, what you do, how to reach you and everything in between.

Website Package #2

Brand Kickstarter

A five-page, fully-responsive site that includes a home page, about page, services/products page, contact page and gallery. Clean and versatile, an all-encompassing website that acts as your brand’s virtual front door and encourages them to get in touch.

Website Package #3

The Whole Shebang

A six- to eight-page site that includes a home page, about page, services/products page, contact page and gallery, as well as a blog page, product page, etc. Knock the socks off your website visitors by showing them exactly what your brand stands for and has to offer.


The Risk of Not Having a Strong Brand and a Killer Website

Picture This: Scene #1

Lauren has been getting lash extensions regularly for five years now. The last three times she went to her usual technician, she left feeling unimpressed. Now she’s looking for a new lash bar. She scrolls through Instagram and sees some talent there, but when she lands on your account, she’s certain you’re the one for her. She clicks on your profile and UH-OH! There’s no website link. So here’s what she can’t find:

  • Your services

  • Your prices

  • Your portfolio

  • Your reviews and/or testimonials

Guess what Lauren does? She hits the back button and continues her search.

True story.

Picture This: Scene #2

Melanie just moved to Calgary and is looking for a hair salon with a funky vibe and a killer reputation. Her coworker tells her about this place just down the street from his house so she goes online and finds a website that is a visual horror show and hasn’t been updated in 10 years. So here’s what she thinks:

  • Your salon is outdated

  • Your team is behind the curve

  • You don’t care about providing clients and potential clients with a great experience

  • You’re inattentive and indifferent

  • You’re untrustworthy

  • You’re low-end and inferior

So now Melanie closes the tab and continues her search for a new salon.

The end.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you!


Marketing to Everybody is Marketing to Nobody

Do you have a marketing strategy? How about a marketing plan? Both have to be tailored to your brand and reach YOUR ideal client. Not the general public.

Together we’ll devise a customized strategy, and craft the perfect plan that enhances your brand exposure, builds trust with your target audience and ultimately grows your business.


Oh, Hey! I’m Nikki Gouthro, Brand Catalyst…

I am a marketing geek who owns more books on the subject than I'd ever admit. I am nuts about branding and rebranding businesses and want to share my knowledge with the world. I have big dreams and a big weakness for tacos and spiced whiskey (not necessarily together). I also have a four-year-old daughter who's obsessed with makeup (go figure!) and a husband who's obsessed with the NFL.

Still with me? Sweet. I'll tell you a little more. So I didn't always have big dreams. In fact, until a couple of years ago, I thought I was destined to spend the rest of my days in a doorless office working for "the man." I didn't know any better.

As I neared the age of 40, I had a bit of an epiphany. I could start my own business. I could work from wherever the heck I want. I could do something that I love. And I could basically live the dream.

Well, friends, that’s precisely what I’m doing. In the summer of 2018, I quit my dayjob and pursued my passion. I realized that the universe had carved out this path for me (light bulb!) and sharing my creativity and knowledge was what I was meant to do.

If you wanna get together to chat about your new business idea or your "mature" business that could use a little facelift, drop me a line and I'll buy you a coffee. Or you can buy me tacos.

Your call.


Recent Branding Design Work


Recent Website Design Work


Instagram Templates

Welcome to my template shop! This is the place you come to when you’re in need of some simple inspiration, some work done for you and a little help from your marketing fanatic friend - me.

{PS: Be sure to bookmark this page and come back again soon. I’ll be adding to the shop weekly!}


The Batch Packs

So you need a little help with Insta, but you’re not in need of a full-time social media manager. Let me save you precious time and energy with one of my Batch Packs. Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose a layout you like from my designs below.

  2. You send me some images (7 - 12, if possible) and things you want to promote.

  3. I find “filler” photos to fill in the blanks, edit all images for consistency/brand alignment.

  4. I lay everything out, add font/quotes (if requested) and send you a batch of 15 posts.

  5. If you choose Option #2 below, I also write the captions and include hashtags! Otherwise, skip to step 6.

  6. You are free to post as you see fit - twice daily, daily, every other day, etc.

  7. When you are running low on posts, you come back and re-order your next batch!

Amazing, right?! I know! This is the solution to the social media woes I had when I was starting out. The solution my clients really needed, even after they were established. It’s the perfect balance between DIYing the whole thing (timesuck!) and hiring a full-fledge social media marketing consultant. And the best part?

I’ve priced this design service so that it’s affordable for everyone - even the one-woman/man-shows.

Option #1 - Just The Visuals

Investment: $100/batch**

Option #2 - The Whole Shebang

Investment: $150/batch**



Keepin’ It Teal

Oh, this is your favourite colour too? Well as a matter of fact, I made it just for you! Each batch of posts contain 15 and you’re free to post whenever you choose - daily, several times daily, hourly, etc.

Note: Colours, fonts and images are all editable. Images not included, however stock may be available.



Maroon 9

This gorgeous layout is everything you want your brand to be - bold, sassy and ON POINT. Includes fifteen (15) posts optimized/sized for Instagram.

Note: Colours, fonts and images are all editable. Images not included, however stock may be available.


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