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Welcome to my template shop! This is the place you come to when you’re in need of some simple inspiration, some work done for you and a little help from your marketing fanatic friend - me.

{PS: Be sure to bookmark this page and come back again soon. I’ll be adding to the shop weekly!}


The Batch Packs

So you need a little help with Insta, but you’re not in need of a full-time social media manager. Let me save you precious time and energy with one of my Batch Packs. Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose a layout you like from my designs below.

  2. You send me some images (7 - 12, if possible) and things you want to promote.

  3. I find “filler” photos to fill in the blanks, edit all images for consistency/brand alignment.

  4. I lay everything out, add font/quotes (if requested) and send you a batch of 15 posts.

  5. If you choose Option #2 below, I also write the captions and include hashtags! Otherwise, skip to step 6.

  6. You are free to post as you see fit - twice daily, daily, every other day, etc.

  7. When you are running low on posts, you come back and re-order your next batch!

Amazing, right?! I know! This is the solution to the social media woes I had when I was starting out. The solution my clients really needed, even after they were established. It’s the perfect balance between DIYing the whole thing (timesuck!) and hiring a full-fledge social media marketing consultant. And the best part?

I’ve priced this design service so that it’s affordable for everyone - even the one-woman/man-shows.

Option #1 - Just The Visuals

Investment: $100/batch**

Option #2 - The Whole Shebang

Investment: $150/batch**



Keepin’ It Teal

Oh, this is your favourite colour too? Well as a matter of fact, I made it just for you! Each batch of posts contain 15 and you’re free to post whenever you choose - daily, several times daily, hourly, etc.

Note: Colours, fonts and images are all editable. Images not included, however stock may be available.



Maroon 9

This gorgeous layout is everything you want your brand to be - bold, sassy and ON POINT. Includes fifteen (15) posts optimized/sized for Instagram.

Note: Colours, fonts and images are all editable. Images not included, however stock may be available.


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